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The goal of this project is to create a fully functional time meassuring system for speedclimbing.


We have a central device, for example a Raspberry Pi, that controls the whole race (manages extensions, meassure time, plays sounds). Another device (Computer / Smartphone / Tablet) acts as a remote to controll the Central Device. A few extensions, like buzzer or startpad, make the time meassurement more persice.

The application (speed climbing stopwatch)

  • Can act as a standalone stopwatch
  • Can control the base station

The Base Station

  • The Base Station is a small pyramid-like Box that houses two speakers and a small computer (Raspberry Pi).
  • Its job is to manage the whole race, including the extensions.
  • The ScStw App uses its tcp-socket API to send commands to and recieve data from it. BaseStation (.jpg)


  • Additional Devices that connect to the base station for percise meassurement.
  • You can find all of them here
  • Small overwiew:

The Buzzer

A 3d-printed Buzzer that sits at the top of the wall to stop the meassurement. You can find more information here
Buzzer (.jpg)

The Startpad

A pad on which the climber is standing when starting to detect early starts You can find more information here


The Display is fixed to the wall and shows the Time of the race